A loan officer is a financial professional responsible for evaluating and approving loan applications for individuals or businesses. Some of the duties of a loan officer include:

  1. Reviewing loan applications and supporting documentation to ensure that all necessary information is provided
  2. Evaluating creditworthiness and risk profile of potential borrowers
  3. Analyzing financial statements and other data to determine the ability of the borrower to repay the loan
  4. Communicating with borrowers to gather additional information or to discuss the loan application process
  5. Making decisions on loan approval, denial, or modification based on the borrower's financial information and the lender's guidelines
  6. Working with borrowers to complete the loan application process and to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted
  7. Maintaining knowledge of the lender's loan products and policies, as well as relevant regulations and industry trends.
  • To be a loan officer, you will typically need a bachelor's degree in a related field such as finance, economics, or business. You may also need to be licensed by your state, which may require passing an exam and meeting certain education and experience requirements. Strong communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills are also important for success in this role.

    We are a strong local broker with two locations able to broker loans in Idaho and California and non-QM in many other states. We also offer loan officers to be realtors if they choose to work as both. We are not a real estate company but offer partnerships with established real estate teams from other businesses. 
  • We can work with any wholesale lender as we have a strong balance sheet and good standings. These are some of the companies we are currently signed up with:
  • Acura 
  • Advancial Credit 
  • SWMC 
  • Nations Direct Mortgage 
  • Spring EQ 
  • MiMutual
  • Plaza   
  • Carrington
  • LoanStream
  • Rocket TPO
  • GreenBox
  • Cardinal Financial
  • Orion
  • WestGen
  • Flagstar